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Secrets to Success

The Secret to the Success of The Got Breath? Programs:

  • Deep Relaxation and Thorough Oxygenation
  • Positive Affirmation of Self and Others
  • Plenty of Clean Water, Good Nutrition, Exercise, Joy, Laughter, Love, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Letting go and letting good
  • Repetition = Practice, Practice, Practice


Breathe Fully and Freely:

  • For Physical Health - Mental Health - Spirtual Growth and Wellbeing
  • Move toward that level of inner peace that we all instinctively seek
  • Relaxing your central nervous system
  • Allowing the process of oxygenation to nourish your whole body, mind and spirit
  • Let self-love fill you completely
  • Let go of the feelings of suppression and oppression
  • The simple act of breathing is your passage to understanding
  • Let each breath, drawn from the depth of you, lead you on a journey to your inner self
  • Your breath is the wind within, the force of life
  • Follow its flow to the well of peace and tranquility, self-empowerment
  • Dwell in the tranquility of your mindfulness of breath, the gift of your life

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